Chloe's Story


Chloe was born March 1, 2000. A millennium baby and just one day shy of being a leap day baby. Chloe grew up loving all girly things. She loved pink, purple, shopping, shoes, dolls and dressing up. Chloe knew how to make you laugh and was quite the entertainer. Chloe attended Coronado elementary where she made many friends and did very well in school.  

On November 6, 2006 a trip to the doctor changed our lives forever. A few weeks before, we noticed that one side of Chloe's face looked a little different. After a trip to the doctor, it was determined that it was just Bells Palsy. This condition is usually temporary and only affects the facial muscles. It wasn't until we realized that Chloe had lost her hearing on the same side that we knew something else was going on. We went in for an MRI the next day and found out the worst news possible.   

Chloe was diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). This is a tumor that is growing in the brainstem and cannot be removed with surgery. The diagnosis was grim, but did not discourage us from trying to beat it. We started the fight with six weeks of radiation treatments. The follow up MRI did not bring the news we had hoped for. Although it didn't appear to be growing, the tumor had not gotten any smaller.  

In spite of the disappointing news, we continued on and began looking for other options. In the meantime, Chloe was able to go on a wonderful Make-A-Wish trip to Disneyworld. After the trip to Florida, her wish continued with a trip to the zoo to help feed the animals. Chloe loved monkeys and the chance to feed a lemur was priceless for her.  

We decided to go to Texas Children's Hospital to continue with Chloe's battle. They do lots of research there and we were able to get into one of their clinical trials. We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Houston during Chloe treatment. She remained on the trial from May through the beginning of August. The MRI in August showed a 30 percent growth in the tumor and we had to come off the study. The doctors had nothing else to offer us and Chloe was losing more of her ability to walk. We started on an oral chemo for about a month, but only saw Chloe get tired and worn out from it. We also tried Vitamin C treatments for her last month. In Chloe's last month, she could no longer walk or swallow on her own. Chloe never let the tumor affect her spirit or love of life, until she was on a feeding tube. Although she hated the tube, she continued to fight against the tumor.  

It was on Wednesday, October 17, 2007 that Chloe was freed of all her physical ailments and earned her wings in heaven. She fought hard and inspired all those around her.