Kansas Distinctive License Plate

Kansas Plate Supporting Childhood Cancer

We working to get a Kansas Distinctive License Plate to support childhood cancer. In order to get this in place, we need your support. We have our design done (the design pictured above may be adjusted slightly for printing) and now we are working on the bill to make this official! The bill will be presented to the state legislature in January 2020 and as part of this bill, we must show there is widespread support for this new license plate. If you want to support this plate, you can help us out by signing the petition.

Supporters that sign the petition must live in the state of Kansas. Once the plate is approved, we will notify everyone so that when you renew your plate, you can get a childhood cancer plate.

The fee for the license plate will be $50. This fee goes directly back to the Love, Chloe Foundation and will support our Fueling the Fight campaign as well as childhood cancer research.

Click the image to sign our petition!
Click the image to sign our petition!

What is Fueling the Fight?


Providing gas cards for Kansas families

Funds raised through the Fueling the Fight campaign will go to purchase gas cards for Kansas families. The gas cards will be distributed through Kansas children's hospitals directly to the family. Families must have a child that is receiving treatment or follow up care for childhood cancer. 

Sign the Petition


Show your support for the Kansas Childhood Cancer Distinctive License Plate

In order to get this license plate into production, we need to show there is widespread support in the state of Kansas. Please take a minute and sign our petition to show your support.

Support the plate by signing today!